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Friendz music video

2009-07-29 18:42:26 by LuxuryEdition

Dromanoti, Superb, & Joey Trap. friendz-music video

If you like more music from Luxury Edition Entertainment be sure to go to my page

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Also don't forget to Subscribe to Dromanoti youtube page and view the rest of his Videos

Banned from the audio portal

2009-07-28 06:46:43 by LuxuryEdition

Don't know why. I'm gonna try to see if I can talk to the mods and get the whole story So I can fix the problem


My brother talked to one of the admins and the description I wrote was not good enough. So problem solved. I Will keep posting music you can vist my page and I have some music for sell there. I will be uploading other music besides Hip-hop and R&B.